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Team Brainstorming Exercises   

Tutorials for Managers on how to hold effective brainstorming sessions with their teams during Improvement Planning.

  • One on one: This exercise is effective for understanding issues that are best discussed with others confidentially. Individual interviews work well when the team has prioritized Employee Domain items such as those that deal with teamwork and trust.
  • Stop Start Continue: This exercise can be used to understand what behaviors employees believe are actively improving their perception of a specific issue, and what behaviors do not. Stop Start Continue is recommended for Manager Domain items because it allows for employee-lead discussion and ideas may be captured confidentially.
  • Visioning: This exercise works well with both large and small groups. Open ended questions are used to help guide conversations around concerns, what behaviors are observed that prevent success and what changes would be required to reach the ideal state. Visioning can help provide context for issues that may involve multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate, and works well when prioritizing items in the Organization Domain.



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